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Ecanal was founded in 1976 by the British economist, Dr Redvers Opie, who was educated at Durham University. He taught at Oxford University and became the Bursar of Magdalen College. Later on he received a PhD from and taught at Harvard University. On the recommendation of John Maynard Keynes, he became the UK Treasury representative in Washington DC, and later on one of the five members of the UK delegation to the Bretton Woods Conference, which gave birth to the IMF and the World Bank. He started Ecanal upon becoming a naturalized Mexican as the source of critical analysis of the economy and government policy useful for business.

Dr Rogelio Ramírez de la O is a partner of Ecanal. He was educated at the National Autonomous University of Mexico and later on received a PhD in Economics from Cambridge University, Fitzwilliam College. He has established a reputation for critical analysis of government policy, anticipating large shifts in policy and all the major crises and recoveries since the 1980s. The Institutional Investor referred to him as the sole observer who, since 1993, kept a recommendation to sell Mexican assets. The Economist of June 1993 quoted him anticipating a major banking crisis in less than 18 months. In 2001 he was early in anticipating no progress on structural change under President Fox. He has been a regular contributor to publications of research institutions in the US, Canada, and Europe on NAFTA, the peso crisis, economic reforms, and monetary policy. He is member of professional associations in the US and the UK.